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Reopening 10am Tuesday 6th May

autumn leavesAUTUMN PRICING… great discounts available on all services!  Seeing a need for affordable sessions for clients requiring longer-term strategies (therapy for serious injuries/long-term health conditions), I’ve put together a new pricing schedule to make weekly sessions affordable for everyone.  

Working with regular long-term clients is the most rewarding work I do… seeing the physical progress they make and the mental & emotional strides they achieve alongside it.  Moving from physical/mental/emotional limitation to discovering freedom from pain & discomfort, in hand with a new zest for life, is awesome shift to see.  If you’ve a long-term muscular condition you need assistance with, get in touch, and I’ll do all I can to help you into a more comfortable space!


20-Minute Options | Swedish Relaxation Massage | Aromatherapy Massage | Pregnancy Massage | Myofascial Release Therapy | Lymphatic Drainage & Instruction | Baby Massage & Instruction

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Acupressure | Reflexology / Zone Therapy | ACCESS Bars | BIOPTRON Light Therapy | BIOPTRON Colour Therapy

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